Fuller Middle School

The Fuller program provides an interdisciplinary curriculum with an emphasis in research, technology, analysis of literature, writing, hands-on learning and laboratory experiments. In addition, there is an emphasis on differentiating the curriculum at a level of difficulty that is challenging while developing individual interest and talent. The goal is to provide students with an intense emphasis on preparation for Advanced Placement (AP) courses.

Students in the specialty program have the opportunity to participate in competitions at regional, state and national levels. The program also offers opportunities to participate in an award-winning orchestra program taught by professional symphonic musicians. Teachers in the program have training in educational practices for talented and gifted students. They regularly attend College Board and advanced placement programs.

Fuller is the middle link of the specialty programs that leads to the Wilbur D. Mills University Studies High School Scholars Program. Transportation is provided for PCCSD students. For more information, contact Leslie Ireland, principal, at 501.490.5730, or Laura Shirley, director of Talented and Gifted Programs, at 501.234.2093.