PCSSD partners with Edgenuity for ACT Preparation

Pulaski County Special School District (PCSSD) has chosen to use Edgenuity, an online course management system, as an additional resource, to prepare your child to take the ACT in the spring. Your child may practice taking the ACT at home, provided your workstation is properly set up, including browser and plug-in installation. You can use Edgenuity anywhere, anytime, from any device – including tablets and smart phones.

The Course Management System gives you and your child access to:

  • Standard- based instruction
  • Powerful interactive tools that support learning
  • Engaging multimedia and real-world applications
  • Interactive activities and assignments
  • Practice quizzes, unit tests, and cumulative exams

Logging in

  • To log in, visit: https://auth.edgenuity.com/Login/Login/Student
  • Username: first initial, last name, last 4 digits of school ID (example: jdoe3456)
  • Password: Password1 (once logged in, it is recommended that you change your password)

Workstation Setup

To ensure that a workstation is properly set up to run the Edgenuity program, you will need to verify that all minimum software requirements are met. Edgenuity relies on a set standard plugins to run certain features. Ensure that you have a supported version of each.

  • On the student login page, click the "Check Plugins" link below the login button.
  • Click the name of a plugin to be directed to the download/installation site for that plugin.
  • Full tech specs can be found here.

Support Information

For additional assistance in setting up your systems, refer to the Support Page. The support team is available Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. EST and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST at 877.202.0338, extension 3, and via e-mail at customersupport@edgenuity.com.

Please forward additional questions to your high school Edgenuity staff members:


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