College Station Elementary School

The Talented and Gifted Specialty Program at College Station Elementary School provides curriculum and instruction designed to accommodate the unique learning styles, interests, abilities, social and emotional needs of gifted students. The program features self-contained classes with reduced teacher-to-student ratios for the gifted areas in third through fifth grades.


Only students who have been identified for the Alpha (gifted) program are eligible to participate in the program, which provides:

  • Teachers certified and experienced in teaching the gifted
  • Enriched and accelerated instruction in science and math
  • Foreign language enrichment
  • Instructional technology
  • Accelerated interdisciplinary reading and writing
  • Instruction in string orchestra for interested students.
  • Chinese language instruction

The string orchestra instruction also offers opportunities to participate in an award-winning program taught by a professional symphonic musician. College Station is the foundation of the specialty programs that leads to Fuller Middle School. For more information, contact Jackye Parker, principal, at 501.490.5750, or Laura Shirley, director of Talented and Gifted Programs, at 501.234.2093.