Permit Applications to Transfer

Permit applications will be kept for one (1) school year only. If your permit application was not approved for the current school year, you will need to reapply for the new school year. If your student’s contact information changes, please call 501.234.2021 or email

Integrative Permits

Eligible students may apply for an integrative transfer at any time during the school year. Students who live in the attendance zone have property rights to the school. Transfer options given to students must be consistent with the District’s desegregation plan and student assignment plan as approved by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Arkansas in March 1987. Applications for integrative transfers effective in the fall semester will be processed after the eighth (8th) day of school of the fall semester.

Transfers for a Cause

Applications for transfers for cause may be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent for Equity and Pupil Services at any time during the year.

PCSSD does not participate in the Arkansas School Choice Code 6-18-1903.